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Who knew looking at corporate logos could be so entertaining!

May 25, 2017
by Lisa Douglas

You see them practically every day, but do you really see them for all that they are? Business logos are all around you—constantly bombarding you with their messaging. You’ll struggle to not be exposed to hundreds a day on places like the buses that you ride, the products that you use, and the billboards that you glance at. Heck, they even adorn the bins that you put your shoes in at airport security!

New York City

No place is sacred, nor do these businesses want it to be. They want you to know their brand and recognize their keen albeit covert messaging. But are their messages sometimes so subliminal that they end up going over your head?

Here is a list of the most famous logos—that you come across everyday—with hidden messages that you’ve never even noticed. You’ll never look at these logos the same way again!

Baskin Robbins
You see the “B” and the “R” in the Baskin Robbins logo…

Baskin & Robbins logo

But look closely between the letters and you’ll notice the number “31″; that’s intended to let you know how many different flavors they offer.


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