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SecondLook Project

[ summary ]

When you’re one of the top companies in insurance subrogation with an extraordinary team, you are positioned for success in the subrogation competitive insurance market. With a focus on elevated perception and qualified awareness, Merkley Marketing Group joined forces with SecondLook, Inc.’s leadership team. The SecondLook, Inc.’s website is designed to target and engage individuals and companies looking for additional claims money through subrogation.

[ our roles ]

    • Branding
    • Brand Positioning
    • Graphic Design
    • Custom Logo Design
    • Visual Identity
    • Custom Print Ad
    • Marketing
    • Custom Website Design
    • SEO
    • Digital Strategy
    • Digital Forms
    • Content Development
    • Copyrighting
    • Analytics

[ approach ]

Engaged by SecondLook, Inc., located in Hauppauge, NY, and Palm Harbor, FL, Merkley Marketing Group was tasked with a brand identity makeover and new website. Our first task was to create a color scheme and logo with a fresh new traditional look while maintaining a visual similarity to the previous logo used for years that people are accustomed to seeing. We accomplished this by using a modern blue & green color scheme while utilizing their original traditional typography. The previous logo used all lowercase italic typography for the name. Our change included using all uppercase typography for the name to show strength and boldness. The Chameleon name is designed utilizing colors from the logo symbol and represents the changing colors of a chameleon.

From there, we crafted a new user-friendly website, successfully pulling together the new brand identity that will serve SecondLook, Inc. well and set them apart from their competitors as they continue to forge and succeed in the subrogation market.

With a plan to garner more national attention and business SecondLook is starting an advertising campaign with Claims Magazine. SecondLook reached out to us to develop an ad that would catch eyes and engage potential clients while staying top-of-mind with current clients.

[ virtual ]

This was a full virtual project. We worked with associates and partners in Palm Harbor, FL. | Cocoa, FL | Orlando, FL | Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY