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Northeast Florida Beach, FL
Engel & Völkers #Realtor® #PA

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When you’re one of Northeast Florida, FL’s premier Realtors with an extraordinary team, you are positioned for success in the Northeast Florida Community’s competitive luxury home market. With a focus on elevated perception and qualified awareness, Merkley Marketing Group joined forces with Florida’s Michelle Mousin to target select high-net-worth homebuyers and sellers in the Northeast, Florida communities. Michelle needed an extraordinary Realtor® website

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  • Brand Positioning

  • Branding

  • Brand Architecture

  • Visual Identity

  • Custom Website Design

  • Creative Campaigns

  • Creative Campaigns

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Engaged by Michelle Mousin, Realtor®/PA, Merkley Marketing Group was tasked with a brand identity makeover. Our first task was to create a color scheme and logo with a fresh new contemporary look while incorporating an element of beach vibe that Northeast, FL is known for. We accomplished this by using a modern, beachy color scheme while utilizing more stream-lined modern typography. The Michelle Mousin, Realtor®/PA color scheme and corporate logo identity was defined, and we integrated it into a new custom Realtor® website. Once again, our focus was creating a new and refreshing look while maintaining beachy elements. From there we crafted a new website successfully pulling together a new brand identity that will serve Michelle Mousin, Realtor®/PA well and set her apart from her competitors, as they continue to forge and succeed in the Northeast, Florida Region Real Estate market.


An extraordinary and effective logo is the cornerstone of a brand.



Creating a great visitor experience for ereater conversions!

Michelle Mousin, Realtor®, PA website
Michelle Mousin, Realtor®, PA website
Joe Merkley and Merkley Marketing is the best! I worked with Joe on a great website when I was with Prudential real estate ( now Berkshire Hathaway ), and my clients and fellow Realtors raved about the site. When I changed brokerages, I thought I would use the company’s site and found that it did little to brand me. After a bad experience with one website developer, I called Joe again. He graciously completely re-designed the site and corrected errors. The site I have now, I am proud to direct people to. Please take a look  mmousin.com. It relays information that is relevant and paints a great picture of me and my experience. This is the most important component of a website, and I feel it sets me apart. Joe is always available for questions and general marketing advice. He is friendly, and no question makes you feel like you should know the answer, as I am not a web developer nor SEO marketing specialist. I leave that to the professionals – so I can concentrate on my business- that I know. This is why I highly recommend Joe and the Merkley team.
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Michelle Mousin Realtor® PA
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