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It is paramount that you have a website content strategy!

Effectively managing search engine optimization – SEO is like playing a great game of chess. To perform successfully you have to understand how each chess piece can move and how it functions with the other pieces.

Getting to the 1st page of Google rankings, you need a strategy that consists of on-sight and off-sight SEO plus, social media management and citation creation just to name a few. You need a professional expert to assist you in playing the SEO game.

Going at it alone is like playing chess with just pawns. You may have some limited success but it will not be sustainable in a competitive constantly changing industry.

Some of your competitors will be using professional national or Jacksonville SEO consultants, which provides resources you just don’t have.

Merkley Marketing Group will custom tailor an SEO strategy specific to your industry to deliver the results you are looking for. We deliver traffic. And most important, we deliver conversions and sales.

October 2017


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Stephen Hudson, SEO team
Steven Hudson
Director of SEO Business Development
I am responsible for the day to day operations and administrative functions of SEO & Social Media Services and oversee the implementation of all marketing and search engine optimization strategies. I am also in charge of SEO/Social Media business development, active member of the local Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), the local Chamber of Commerce and regularly volunteer for my Church and local charity events.
Jonathan Platts, SEO team
Jonathan Platts
Director of Strategy and Planning
Jonathan’s role is to oversee the initial proposal and then rolling out and monitoring campaigns for each client. Although he has a comprehensive understanding of search engine algorithms, his biggest strength is in spotting opportunities for websites and planning/implementing strategic goals for clients. Jonathan has worked on hundreds of websites in over 12 countries. He loves what he does, but when he isn’t working for clients he can often be found watching cricket, vacationing in Europe, or simply spending time with the family.
James Upjohn, SEO team
James Upjohn
Director of Campaign Management
James brings an incredible amount of experience and expertise to the company. He has been working in SEO for over 10 years and has pretty much seen it all. James heads up our research and testing, making sure we are implementing forward thinking low-risk strategies in all of our campaigns. He also gets hands on, working on client sites once the strategy has been agreed upon with the client. James is an absolute workaholic, but when he isn’t working he enjoys family days out and church on Sundays.

Graham-McMormack, SEO team
Graham McMormack
Director of Technical
Graham has been a professional SEO for 6 years and has worked in client based SEO for 4 years. Graham was invited to become a regular SEO marketing writer for Franchise World Magazine. Eventually, Graham decided he wanted to follow his passion for SEO rather than direct a company so joined forces with Jonathan, James and Oskar to form an elite group of SEO’s whom together are able to offer an unrivalled collection of expertise and experience found anywhere in the world.
Oskar Nowik, SEO team
Oskar Nowik
Director of Offsite Strategy
Oskar is a professional SEO who began his journey by ranking several websites in the gaming and entertainment industries for the US marketplace. He gained priceless experience while ranking both his and his clients’ properties for various industries across multiple countries.

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