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About MMG

Merkley Marketing Group is a personable boutique Northeast Florida Advertising Agency, located in Palm Coast, Florida, delivering BIG results.

Our focus is developing branded, creative and market-proven solutions for discriminating clients. We serve esteemed local, regional and national brands.

We have a passion for providing extraordinary client service, which is a paramount goal to our business’s success.

Don’t just take our word for it, please check out our CLIENT RAVES.


The core mission of Merkley Marketing Group is to deliver captivating and innovative marketing solutions to discerning clients, leveraging robust and time-tested marketing and branding principles. Fueled by a fervent dedication to exceptional client service, we consistently aim to surpass our clients’ expectations. Our unwavering commitment to outstanding client service is integral to our business success. Additionally, our pledge to contribute time and expertise to non-profit organizations reflects our desire to share the blessings we’ve enjoyed within our company.

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What You Can EXPECT

If we have never had the honor of working with you, then we would like to let you know what you can expect from the Merkley Marketing Group’s Team


Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed:  We only consider our job done once you are entirely satisfied!

Innovative and Proven Marketing Strategies:

Our approach involves offering well-founded insights to implement marketing solutions that truly benefit your business or organization. We should allocate marketing funds appropriately and instead focus on strategies with a solid rationale.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Our dedication lies in exceeding your expectations and offering prompt and courteous service at every turn!

Enjoyable Collaboration:

Marketing should be both enjoyable and productive. Let’s inject some laughter and excitement into working on your marketing projects together!

Respect for Your Time:

Recognizing the significance of your time in managing your business, we prioritize streamlining processes and saving you time, enabling you to focus on what you do best and what’s most profitable!

First-Class Treatment for Every Client:

Whether your enterprise is small or large, we extend the same level of service and importance to all our clients!

Now, we will admit that this is a tall order and sounds like things you would like to hear from a Northeast Florida Advertising Agency but, especially relevant, the big question is… “do we deliver”? At this point, we will let our clients speak and let them tell you if we walk the talk! CLIENTS RAVE

Joe & Marie Merkley

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The Spirit of GIVING

As stated in our Mission Statement, Merkley Marketing Group resolutely and ethically dedicates itself to making meaningful contributions to the community.

We are blessed to have collaborated with exceptional local charities, allowing us to devote our time and skills to assist these non-profits in raising awareness and garnering support for their vital missions.

The impactful leadership and distinctive personalities of the Founders/Directors of these charities have significantly enriched our partnerships, creating enriching experiences

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How May We Serve You?


When Diverse Creativities Merge, Great Solutions Emerge!

Joe Merkley

Joseph Merkley, CEO/Founder

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With more than four decades of expertise in marketing, advertising, and sales, I have successfully promoted and sold top-tier luxury brands, includings Rolex, David Yurman, Baume & Mercier, Concord, Piaget, , Patek Philippe, Breitling, Mikimoto, Oscar Heyman & Bros., Roberto Coin, and Mont Blanc.

Throughout a 36-year tenure, I effectively oversaw the operations of two multi-million dollar luxury retail enterprises.

  • Media Director

  • Photography

  • Wowologist

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With over 34 years of bookkeeping expertise, I am deeply passionate about client service!

As a content editor, I meticulously review completed websites for spelling and grammatical errors while ensuring the proper functionality of all hyperlinks.

  • Bookkeeping

  • Content Editor

  • Wowologist

Marie Merkley

Marie Merkley, Merkley Marketing Group

Kara Pound

Kara Pound - Public Relations
  • Public Relations

  • Wowologist

Born and raised in Connecticut, Kara moved to St. Augustine, Florida in 2004 to attend Flagler College where she graduated with a B.A. in communications focused on print journalism.

After working for more than a decade as a professional writer, Kara took a Director of Communications position at St. Augustine Distillery where she fell in love with marketing and public relations.

Needing more flexibility in her work-life balance, Kara left the distillery to start her own public relations firm.

I graduated from Flagler College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication where I studied Public Relations and Advertising.

From there I went on to pursue a graduate degree, earning an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing by the age of 21.

Years of experience are what I bring to our team in the area of social media management and internet marketing.

  • Wowologist

Kayla Peloquin


Jeff Green


Kayla Peloquin

I am a professional videographer. I shoot videos for PSA’s, Corporate, Commercials, Events, etc. Before switching to the world of Video, I worked as a Camera Assistant in the Motion Picture Industry. There I worked on Commercials, Feature Films, Movies of the Week for TV, Music videos and NFL events.

  • Videographer: Large Projects

  • Wowologist

I am currently on leave serving in the United States Coast Guard in Miami. My hobbies are video, photography & gaming.

  • Videographer: Small Projects

  • Photography

  • Wowologist

1ST PLACE VIDEO: Conflict Resolution/Bullying

Max Merkley

Max Merkley


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an extraordinary success: His act is a real wow!
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