Coastal Shades & Blinds  Launch!

🌟 We Are Stoked! 🌟

Hey there, Northeast FL residents! Joe & Marie Merkley of Merkley Marketing Group are at it again, and this time, they’re bringing you something special! 🪟🏡

Introducing Coastal Shades & Blinds, your **Premier Northeast FL Custom Window Coverings Consultation Service!** 🌴🏖️

Have you recently moved to Northeast FL and want a makeover with stylish window coverings for your new abode? Or have you been considering upgrading your current window treatments? Look no further because Coastal Shades & Blinds is here to make your window-covering dreams come true!

🏠 **About Coastal Shades & Blinds:** 🏠

Coastal Shades & Blinds is all about making your life easier! They offer a **FREE CONSULTATION** referral service that connects you with trusted, authorized vendors who meet their rigorous standards for quality and service.

🌞 **Why Coastal Shades & Blinds?** 🌞

**Expertise: Our authorized vendors are the go-to experts in the world of window coverings! Benefit from their seasoned advice and professional insights.

**Quality:** Their authorized vendors uphold top-notch standards for materials and craftsmanship.

**Style:** Find the perfect window treatments to match your unique style and decor.

– **Convenience:** A FREE CONSULTATION means no hassle, no pressure, and no commitment – just great advice.

Whether settling into your new coastal home or simply wanting to refresh your space, Coastal Shades & Blinds is your go-to source for window covering solutions in Northeast FL.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to transform your windows! Get started on your window-covering journey today by contacting Coastal Shades & Blinds. Visit their website to learn more and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!

Let’s give a big shoutout to Joe & and Marie for bringing this fantastic service to Northeast FL! 🙌

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