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The Best WordPress hosting

Here’s a great analogy I have for Bluehost/GoDaddy and other cheap hosting providers vs. BisonHosting:

Think of a government housing building. The building is developed as cheaply as possible, and they try to shove as many units within the building (onto a server) as possible.

When someone else’s unit (website) gets infected with malware, or if they’re using too many resources, eventually it’s going to leak down into your unit (website) and cause an issue for you (your website.)

Then, when something breaks (on your website) or it needs maintenance, the landlord (Tech Support) is slow, you never know who you might get to speak to, and frequently there is not a great urgency or concern for getting the (website) issue(s) fixed. If you have to call back, you will probably not speak with the same person you initially talked to.

Your BisonHosting platform is like a single-family home in a planned gated community where the HOA does the yard work and keeps everything working. They cost a little bit more, but they’re way more secure and less mental & physical work for you.

WordPress core upgrades as needed | Theme updates as needed | Weekly plugin updates | Weekly Optimizations: Post Revisions Removal – Spam Removal – Overhead Cleared | Free SSL | Free CDN | Nightly backups | Website down monitoring 24/7 | Optimized hosting for speed

It’s faster, more reliable, and less of a headache than the bargain bin hosting companies you see advertised all over the internet.

The Best WordPress Hosting!


Jump on board! You will be so glad you did!