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Are you being held hostage by your website developer and you don’t even know it?

Joe Merkley Your Marketing Maven

We have a new law website client onboard and are developing a brand new site for them.

The client’s previous website development company delivered a website that had issues that they never resolved.

The biggest problem our client is facing right now is that the past website development company (we’ll refer to them as Hacks) is holding them hostage and they hold the cards.

  • Hacks registered our client’s domain name in their GoDaddy account so our client can’t get access.
  • Hacks created our client’s Google My Business account and client has NO access or control.
  • Hacks did not give our client access to their website that they had paid for.
  • Hacks created client’s Facebook page under their account.
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Make sure you have the following items covered:

  • Control over “Your” domain name in “Your” account.
  • Access and control over “Your” website.
  • Access and control over “Your” Google My Business listing.
  • Access and control over all of “Your” social media accounts.
  • I have seen this happen way too many times, you have to protect “Your” digital accounts and investments.

What we do:

  • Client registers and controls “their” own domain name(s).
  • Clients have full access to “their” websites and even a backup.
  • Clients have full access and control over “their” Google My Business listing.
  • Clients have full access and control over “their” Social Media accounts.

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Taking The High Road!

If one of our clients wishes to move their account somewhere else, we will help facilitate the move in a prompt and professional matter.